Easy, healthy recipes with minimal ingredients are now easier then ever! Whether you are a busy mom, university student or business professional with a jam packed schedule, these healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes are for you!

This blog sprouted from my deep love (and not so small addiction) to chocolate! Where I was on a mission to try to turn my favourite chocolatey indulgences into healthier variations of themselves, without the use of refined sugar and other “not good for me” ingredients. From there I branched into all other dishes, making everything from plant based pastas (using zucchini, broccoli and spaghetti squash) to smoothie bowls, loaded up with fresh fruits, veggies and puffed quinoa.

Throughout this mission I have been trying to add as much colour, flavour and nutrients as possible into my diet while also eating as naturally as I can. My recipes are a direct reflection of this mission, steering clear of refined foods and flourishing on healthy ingredients that the body can thrive on! I hope that you give a few of my recipes a try so that you too can see and feel the positive reaction of a healthy diet on your body and lifestyle. Trust me, its truly incredible!

Breakfast recipes to jumpstart your mornings and fuel you body with the essentials that it craves.

Healthy lunch recipes to fuel you throughout your busy days.

Dinner recipes for even the pickiest of eaters.

Dessert recipes that are comprised of simple, non-refined ingredients for enjoying guilt-free.